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    Preserved Rose Singapore For Long-Lasting Love

    Nothing lasts forever, your special bouquet of flowers too. It is no secret that a flower given by someone on special occasion is not only flower. It holds meaning that sometimes we want to keep forever. But, we get that limitation because original flower may wilt. Then, what should we do. Buying preserved flowers Singapore can be one of the best ways to make a special flower gift last for a long period. Different from common dried flowers or artificial flowers, preserved flower is original fresh flower which is treated specially. It looks better and will more memorable than just an artificial flower.

    It is possible for you to enjoy preserved flowers longer than original flowers. However, you may need to treat it well as if it is a delicate, fragile object. You should not water the flowers like the original one you get from your friend. You must avoid them from high temperature, humidity and also direct sunlight because it may cause the color to fade.

    In case you get a flower bouquet of fresh flower from your loved one and want to keep it for a longer time, we have a solution for you: to preserve it! Well, it is actually possible to make your own preserved flowers. Here are some of the ways that you can follow to preserved rose Singapore and other flowers by your own.

    Ways To Make Preserved Flowers

    Preserved flower is a flower that is preserved so that the flower can last around 5 years. this idea is a way to capture a flower that previously did not last long. So that a way to preserve flowers appeared as a gift. in general the flowers used are roses because in addition to being beautiful has a very deep meaning, here we give a few ways to make preserved rose.

    1. Glycerin

      It is possible to use glycerin as the way to preserve your flowers. By using this material, your flower won’t dry out. So, there is no doubt that your flower to keep its lively and graceful form. However, the color may fade by the time. That’s why many people add food coloring when they preserve flowers with glycerin.

    2. Freeze Drying

      It is actually an expensive and complicated treatment to make preserved flowers singapore. However, the result is surely lovely. At this point, you may need to find a freeze drying service around to make it. It might be complicated, but the result is timeless, lovely and bright flowers which also keep their scent.

    3. Pressing

      If you are into the affordable one, this traditional method must be a good idea. Here, you may only need a telephone book and some heavy materials like cardboard or something. To make the preserved flowers, you just need to put the flower and press it inside the telephone box by putting heavy material onto it.

    Buy Cheap Preserved Flowers Singapore

    Those are some of the ways that you can follow when you want to preserve your special flowers. If you do not want to do those complicated ways, you may consider FlowerAdvisor preserved flowers delivery service to get your favorite flowers.

    You can work with top online florist and flower delivery Singapore which offers preserved flowers in glass Singapore as well in case you want to send a flower gift which is able to stay for a longer period. Or just contact us FlowerAdvisor florist Singapore. We offer same day or next day preserved flowers Singapore delivery service. That’s all, hope you enjoy it!